Saturday, December 31, 2011

One year contract.


I might not be writing in 2012! For like ... "until SPM ends?". Can I? Muahaha! I am really scared to face SPM. Well, I am not really good in my studies and what not. Err, actually 2011 is a fun year. Like every year I've mentioned. I wished I would never get old. So do my family. Getting old is not a fun thing to do. Lately, I've gone through a lot (busy like always).

This holidays is really meaningless. I spent for like 2 solid weeks in home, only? And the rest I contributed to my lovely school, PERMATA. Now that I feel like being the juniors, the second batch of PERMATApintar High School, getting the offer letter and making my decision over again. Haha, no turning back.

Been really really lazy and lethargic. Didn't finish up anything. Everything I do, I just finish them partly so that I don't make myself feel so sorry and disappointed. SPM dahhhhhh~~ =(

Today bought Chatime lagi ^^v Sangat sedap. And why am I willing to buy such expensive drinks? It's because they are offering buy1free1 now at the franchise near my house.

I made a new spec (getting them before school reopens), I had my CONTACT LENS too, at a nearby optic shop. I don't know when I will be able to have my guts to wear them but .... will try, hehe!! No harms trying right? But bad news is that my short-sighted degree had gone up to 150 and 200 respectively. SAD CASE? YESSSSS!! :"O Feel like screaming out of the world! Certainly because I realized I am handicapped somewhere.

BUKIT TINGGI PAHANG trip. 25 DEC - 26 DEC. Errr, don't make pollution anymore. It's not as cold as my previous trip which was in 2004! Epic fail for me to enjoy the breeze. Well, January trip to Genting might be better. I cannot wait for all family vacations in January. Singapore. Genting. But I have to remember that SPM is around the corner ;'( Oh nonononoonono!

Oh, itu hari (forgot when). I slept. Really tired. And mum and dad came to my room and say they will bring me to buy CNY clothes at Kenanga! Like WHAT? REALLY? Yeah. There, I actually bought a formal shirt and 2 formal skirts. A really nice shirt with ling-long decorations. And 6 different colours t-shirt with French words on it eg: Je t'aime Paris. (muahaha, let people know I've learnt French before!) Trolololol! =D

BUKIT TINGGI 2D1N (more on FB, if you are interested to stalk me, wtv :P)

SUNWAY 3D2N trip (more on FB :P)

ETC....ETC....Et cetera :D

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