Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July :)

Hey! I feel like blogging so much. Long long time no blog. No much people I can actually turn to in this place. I feel like going home every moment now. This weekend :)

Oh, right. Posting up some photos so that I can delete them from my phone. Partly.

I was the one who first saw it. The birdie! So cute. It was very hungry. keep making noises near the staircase. So, some people took care of it. I once feed it with some oats. Aww. Where's your mummy? Hmm. It died after a few days under supervision of human-being. R.I.P cutie! 

During the journey to Perak. Stop by some R&R. And the three of us, cannot stop acting like children! We saw a small kid, he was smiling all the way. How much I wish I could be a child, again.

The cave! The lorry! The 5minutes trip. It was amazing! 

The BIG FAT cat. Look kinda similar to me, anyway ^^

The room was awesome. Wooden village house above a river! It was breezy and cold during the night. Sharing the beds. Singing and rehearsing songs for grad night were adding more fun to it!

The best buddy. Annie Tiong Shi Yi  ;) Someone that I wouldn't forget. 

Ooi Tze Ching. Penangian. The bestie. Never can stop teasing her "Perempuan China Pulau Pinang". Her school was too awesome, I guessed. 

The views and scenery. Cannot want more. 

Le friends :) They are the one will always be by me no matter who and what I am. 

Bird of paradise. My phone's camera has its quality. For me and for them =) 

Flying fox. I wasn't feeling nervous, afraid or anything before going up. And when I was walking and climbing up the rusty staircase, my heartbeat got faster and I got to know that I was getting scared! Nice experience though the level of my adrenaline wasn't as much as when I got up the space shot in Genting! Haha!

Le Jalur Gemilang. Malaysia. 

Journey to the limestone cave. It was dangerous yet thrilling. I have much experience from here. I actually knocked my head hard on some stone, twice inside this cave. No blood, grateful enough. Then I knocked my head on the window of the bus. And the TV screen of the bus. TOTAL: 6tumes!

Bubyee KANDU ECO ADVENTURE. Credit credit credit! :) 

..... From 17 to 25 July 2012 I was having OFF-LEVEL test which pretty stressed me ...... 
... God will decide the best for me, if I am supposed to take the chance to go oversea or not ...

The best out of the best. PROM night aka, graduation night! For this, my girlish dream was partly fulfilled, that is, having people to ask me out! Hmm. It was feeling good at first. But I never had thought things would turn out so wrong when I started telling people "I already had one".

My partner for that night. The first date (first prom also)! Actually, this partner stuff not much function also. Oh. Btw. We're just normal friends. Don't misunderstand like so many people did, making up issues on this. Anyway, I was glad he was trying to make some efforts to talk to me. It's now one more month before he will be starting his education oversea in a well-known and prestigious university. I wished him all the best! 

The food and the people. Everybody was awesome that night, including those singing and playing musical instruments. Oh and our performances. The microphone fell down when they trying to exchange position. Before I went up, I also got stuck by a wire and then the whole laptop fell down the floor. Oh. Shameful. Shameful! 

Now, here, giving credit to people who helped me through my hair, necklace, earrings and stuff! I appreciate so so much, dears. 

Somebody told me I looked quite beautiful, if I am a little thinner. Let's get thinner! LOL (after fasting month/SPM) lah! Hahah! No mood to slim down anyway ^^"

There you go. LeeJing and her birthday present preparation. This thing make my room go half dirty with all the colourful dusts and sands. I cannot get more crazy while being with her. I can laugh like lady gila when she starts to make some jokes, which were practically working on me! I love love love her! She's the roommate during PPCS! She saw me crying everyday. I sure make her go crazy too! Haha! Happy 17th Birthday, Babe! 

LOVE LIFE! Thanks LIFE! For giving me so much. Though things don't always seemed to work well! Life has to go on. Once, 080808 told life is full of ups and downs.

GO GO GO, good lucks Amy Ng May Kay! 

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