Friday, July 27, 2012

Homed lagi!! :)

Sometimes when it gets too boring studying ;) 

Oh, today we were having British Council class. Oh fun. I have never feel stressed or tensed during BC class! Anne is really awesome. I will capture a picture with her next time! Today's class was all about debate. We were separated into 2 groups, 8 students each. My group picked a topic that sounds like this "Co-ed school is better than single-sex school". Oh wow. I would like to get the + sign, but unfortunately, i get the - sign, which mean I have to oppose that statement. Well, I were in the opposition group with Izzy, Paan and Leiy. The first two were having a lot of opinions, but me and Leiy remained silent most of the time, probably because the two of them were from single-sex school. I was kinda agreeing more than opposing, but there's nothing I can do. It's DEBATE, we would have no choice. So, I talked for like two minutes. Luckily, not much problem occurred, but I can guess my fluency wasn't up to standard yet. 

Then, LeeJing called. Oh no. So, I frankly informed Anne that I have to get going. She was okay with it. I got off the class while the debate was still ON. How rude I can see I am. Anyway, got out, saw Encik Hakimie. So far, he's the best counselor-teacher in the school. He is filled with patience, kindness and he is also indeed, friendly. During the journey in his car, we were talking a lot. Okay, got off everything, settled. Got home. Bazaar Ramadhan. Went for dinner near Gombak. Backed home. Bathed. Homed is always the best! :) 

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