Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday and Sunday. @ Home!

Fun fun fun. It's a fun-to-max for me at home! No books, and dad or mum never care, like always. Sometimes, I started to feel guilty (when I am at home for more than a week)! But when it comes to weekend, no books! Though I have mountains of homework waiting for me.

So, it's Saturday! :) Early morning woke up to accompany dad to fetch sister to her workplace. She's currently doing her internship. So, okay lah. That place located near KLCC but 9am, no traffic congestion. But the sun is scorching, le eyes painful looking at the roads. I wondered how dad drive without actually putting on his sunglasses. 920am, arrived home. I saw my bed. Macam takde orang sentuh. Kesian. Then, I slept again. Until 12pm. Mum came to my room, knocked, and woke me up. "Hey, you come home just to sleep? Don't want to chit-chat with me?". Mum sounded a little angry. So, okay, I have the will to wake up to talk to mum! But mum then switched on my laptop and started playing Diamond Dash. Boom dao!

Around 2pm, the pig slept again. Emm. Sleeping was once, my hobby. Then around 430pm, my phone rang. Oh kay. I answered that call without looking at the phone, it was the sisters. They reached home but cannot enter as they have no key with them. They began to complain that they have been ringing the doorbell for many times. But how come I didn't realise har? Too devoted in dreaming, I guess. So, I slowly took the key from the drawer and opened the door. Soon, I planned to continue my sleep. But sisters have another plan. Oh, changed the plan, no more sleep! :)

They planned to bring me to KL Festival City. For movie. For food :) Woohoo! Okay. But, I didn't know my eldest sister wanna drive daddy's car. Oh. Never did I see her driving manual punya kereta ==" I tak mahu naik! Like seriously. She said she know how to control manual car already. Where you learn? You driving Auto every single day! Tak nak naik! 99% proven not safe! She want a quick trip there. So, okay, naiklah. She couldn't even start the car ==" Then I kinda tell her what dad did to start the car. She succeeded. Okay, then the car moved slowly. Me and Elaine was laughing like crazy in the car. I cannot stop myself laughing. She never drove a manual before. The 1.5km journey was quite okay, although it was a little bumpy.

KLFC - Makan. Minum. Beli. Main. No movie. Not enough time. Mum wanna go supermarket! =="

As for dinner, we bought ingredients for Sushi. And eldest sister made it! Delicious! And the shape of the sushi is kinda proper lah! I ate a lot like I won't put on weight (I never care anymore, anyway)! Woohoo. Few hours ago, went to Carrefour. Bought groceries. It seemed as though they didn't went to a supermarket for weeks! I bought a new face-wash. And a box of King's ICECREAM! Emm. 11pm reached home, opened up the pepper mint icecream, eat!! MmmmMmmm!!

Now only I realised I've not taken any self-picture these days. Oh good. Maybe I don't look good and proper now. All I see in the camera is a girl with a chubby, pretty-less face. Oh well. I don't know where I've placed all my confident. Just gotta wait everything to finish. Leave that school. Forget everything. Start my previous precious life =) Life after SPM would be great, wouldn't it? I really hope so! I would want to learn to drive. Go to work in an office at MidValley! Get to know real adults. That would come real soon. Be patient, Amy =)

Got to admit that Ochado's new flavour, Roasted Milk + Pop Eggs is really delicious. The poppy bubbles when being sucked and biten, the coffee will melt in the mouth. A must-try! =) 


Early morning 10am only set up from my bed. It was really nice to sleep everyday, without having to worry about exams. But nightmare will return tomorrow (monday)! Err. Parents and second sister went market. A lot of food and drinks for breakfast ^^v And I also saw a lot of fruits, mangosteen, mata kucing, green grapes, etc! Wow. This is going to be a nice day, I thought. Love le family so so much! 

My sister helped me to cut my hair~ Woohoo. Since I am too lazy to go to Wangsa Maju for a proper haircut. And my sister voluntarily agreed to help. Eventually she chopped off 1 inch of my hair and the Vshape is gone, it's now |__| straight at the back. I am very satisfied. Thanks sister! Then, mum started cooking for lunch. Spaghetti. And mum also boiled barley water for a few hours. Nice! Love you mum! Thanks mum (She's cooking again, now, for dinner, before I have to depart for UKM)! OMG. I really cannot endure school's cafe barley, tasted so fake, so sweet and not nice! 

Eaten my lunch and I went back into sleep. I really cannot move, too full! ==" Hahah. I was putting my phone into silent mode. When I woke up at 430pm just now, boom dao! 6missed calls (2 from her, 2 from her, 1 from her and another from her)! I was thinking they were trying to make a prank or something. Too missing me, but I was just away for two days? Anyway, then I checked the messages, only I got to know what was happening. Okay. They are the good friends that don't forget you at any times. I love them jugak lah :) 

New recipe kot!

Barley water - bean curd, gingko, barley and mum's lava egg (3quater half-boiled chicken egg ==")

Hmm. Delicious. Too much ingredients. 
Baru wake up punya hair~ Straight liao! =)

... Bubye home ...

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