Thursday, August 9, 2012

Les copines.

The friends I met in PERMATApintar.

The ones whom I spent all my time with during breakfast, lunch, dinner, chit-chatting and laughing together. Although I still could not pour everything to them, but I still think that they are nearest and closest to me when I am here. Well, most probably, we are in the same situation, same boat, having a few similarities and goals. 

We had chose to be together, in this group of friends, since the early days of arrival in this boarding school. We may not have our family right beside us now, here, but we have friends. Friends who do not actually mind staying up late with you, playing Mafia. Friends who can help each other academically. Friends who eat together and call up everyone else whenever there are good food. Friends who shed tears together (seriously!). Friends who share their most precious masterpiece when they have done one. Friends who do not mind sleeping with you. Friends who sing beautiful songs with you.

*** advertisement *** Okay, I go blank now, heavy headache. 

Friends who sit in the bus with you all the time. Friends who text you to tell you some jokes just because you look kinda moody. Friends who find time to jog with you. Friends who brought food back from their hometown. Friends who buy souvenirs for you when they had a trip oversea (Singapore, Taiwan and US). Friends who argue and fight for only a short duration of time, a short war I can say. Friends who can endure all the attitudes you have. Friends who are the real friends. 

For short, whenever I go, no matter which school, I have a group of Chinese friends. And most of the time, whenever I can, I am being with them. And so, people do not think that 1Malaysia concept can be achieved by this way. I tried to mix around, yes, it works for a while, but howsoever, I would still stick with them later on. Most probably this is due to the language used for communication. Or maybe we have more things in common to be shared. 

To be very short, now, it is time for one of us to go overseas (yeah!!) to pursue the dream. In 2 weeks time, she should be out in the winter, summer, autumn or spring, I do not know. The 170cm girl is going overseas. Wisconsin Madison =) I know being overseas alone is not easy, she has to be independent out there and I believe she can do it. She is our big sister. She can give us useful advice. Just share with her your problem and she will try her best to help you to solve it or calm you down. Perhaps her room is the furthest from us, but she still finds time to come and talk with us. She is also being very helpful by always lending her broadband.

So, about the confession last two night right after trip to Mid Valley, I was feeling grateful to hear so many stories that perhaps never had crossed my mind and advice on how to improve myself. I understand them better that night. The most comments that I had got were emm, I were to be too "perasan"/ narcissism, in a positive way that they learnt a lot from me (what you learn?)! Oh God, I really do not know how to define "perasan" now. Among all the comments, I love this most: "When I am feeling really stressed studying, I hope Amy would pass by and knock my door just to talk to me before proceeding to the toilet" (like how I always do, heheh). And the thing that made me cry is ....... they say the first person they would think about when they started crying is me. Oh, this, I do not know why, but in recent times, there have been a lot of people coming into my room, pulling me somewhere or staying on my bed, and they started crying ==" I really hope I have been a good listener or that my shoulder is warm enough to be lean on.

Next post up: the SLEEPING beauty =( 



Oh. Take care, my dear friend =)

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